April 2, 2009
To whom it may concern:

I recently sold my condo in the SOMA area with representation from Ildiko Pali. I interviewed five realtors before I met her, and all were top sales realtors but Ildiko stood out from the rest because I could see she had a firm grasp on the market strategies for my particular property.

First of all, she priced my space right; secondly she did an outstanding job doing market research for my building and the SOMA area. Thirdly, she brought attention to the property with her expertise in the field. She put a lot of time, effort and dedication into the open houses and realtor tours. Lastly, she guided me through the property selling process step-by-step; from signing the initial contract to the last transaction and everything in between. She helped me come to the right decisions and plans that tailored to my needs and financial situation. As a result I sold my condo in two weeks in the midst of a difficult and unstable market, while all the other condos in my building have been in the market for a few months or more. Ildiko Pali did a superb job!!

I have had over five home transactions over the 25 years I have lived in the Bay Area, and Ildiko is definitely the best realtor I’ve had so far. Selling a property has always been a stressful experience for me but now with Ildiko, she’s made it a pleasant one. I highly recommend Ildiko’s representation and look forward to using her services again in the future.


Kay Lee

Dear Ildiko,

I want to express my deepest appreciation for your superlative service and most importantly, the excellent results you achieved in the sale of our condominium at 4625 California St., San Francisco. You attended to every detail with the utmost attention and in every case and went above both of our expectations in providing fully personal, yet professional attention. From our first conversations, to your listing presentation, consultation on how to best present our house, your recommendations for handymen and other professional, open houses, sales negotiations, and to the final closing–you were there ever step of the way, just providing the right amount of support and expertise.

You added many nice touches, such as having an open house brunch, which was what brought the buyers to our flat to see it the first time. They were apparently so enchanted that they had their agent come to see the property right after that…and the rest is history.

I am sure all home sales are stressful to both the buyer and seller, and ours was even a little more complicated in that we were not only selling and buying during a very difficult market (at least for sellers!), but at the same time moving our home-based business into a “real” office. So we had to juggle many balls at once, and your calm but confident expertise helped guide us through the challenging process.

We always felt that you had our best interest at hearts and can wholeheartedly recommend you and your team to any potential buyer, seller, or investor in real estate.


Victor and Marie-Helene Yalom

July 2005
Dear Ildiko,

Jeff and I would like to thank you and your team for all of your excellent care and service you provided us with in selling our home.

When we lost confidence in our previous realtor, we really felt discouraged and helpless in our plight to move out of San Francisco. When our buying realtor gave us your referral, we immediately felt we were in good hands.

Your professionalism and sincerity came across immediately, Jeff and I finally felt like we were working with a team that was determined to get the job done. And you did!

Your guidance and advice was what we were lacking before. Working with your team provided us peace of mind during times when we knew the market was shifting and we really needed the hand-holding that you all so graciously embraced us with.

If anyone needs a personal reference, we’d be happy to sing your praises! Thank you all again!

P.S. Mary misses all the attention and the little goodies that only a four year old can enjoy with such glee!

Brenda, Jeff and Mary Fink

I owned a 3-unit building in the North Panhandle for 10 years. When I was ready to sell two of the units to generate some cash for other investments, my mortgage broker introduced me to Ildiko.

She listened to me and advised me on how to sell my units as a TIC (Tenancy In Common). She referred me to a real estate attorney to write up the TIC agreement. Her expert and guidance helped me to maximize my profit so I could retire comfortably.

Dr. A. S.

When I decided to sell my SOMA loft and purchase a single family home in a more residential neighborhood, I interviewed Ildiko and two other agents. I was impressed by Ildiko’s ability to listen to my needs and dreams, and her intimate knowledge of the different neighborhoods of San Francisco where I would feel comfortable.

I am happy that I chose her and her team to sell my home. She found a great buyer who paid top dollar for my condo and now I live in my dream home in a wonderful neighborhood. I am happy and my mother feels relaxed now when she visits me!

P. B.

As a real estate investor and developer, I bought and sold real estate in the Bay Area for decades. I was introduced to Ildiko by my mortgage broker in 1996. He told me she was the best real estate broker/consultant in the business and understands real estate trends and has the potential to see investment potential in any real estate market.

I have now worked with her in many transactions. She is very creative and also understands financing and the land development process. When I was ready to sell my personal home in the Marina, she and her team sold it for well over the asking price.

N. H. B.

Short Sale Eliminates Financial Struggles & Negative Equity

With a job transfer, a single mother with 2 children chose to lease an apartment closer to work to avoid the 2-hour commute. Unable to sell her condo because the mortgage was higher than the value, she decided to rent out her property. But the rental income did not cover the mortgage. She pursued a loan modification for over 18 months, but was unsuccessful. We were able to orchestrate a successful short sale, which eliminated her financial struggles and a $250,000 negative equity.

“Ildiko and Kate’s honest, hard and supportive work during the many months was incredible. This has brought me such peace of mind. Finally, I am able to breathe.”

Mother of 2, working in Stanford

Short Sale Gives Grieving Daughter Christmas in Her Home

Anna, a young woman in her 20s, lost her job while caring for her ill father in the home he owned. After her father passed away, she was unable to continue the mortgage payments. We were able to able to convert the pending foreclosure into a short sale. This enabled her to spend one last Christmas holiday in the family home with enough time to find a beautiful rental.

Short Sale Gives Attorney a Fresh Start

A San Francisco attorney, still able to pay his mortgage despite financial hardship and negative equity, tried to negotiate a loan modification on his condo in the Mission District. After a year and a half of fighting the bank’s maze of bureaucracy, he resorted to a short sale. Real Estate Asset Protection was able to demonstrate the homeowner’s genuine financial hardship, negotiate a discounted payoff and successfully close the transaction.

“It was a very difficult decision and period of my life but you helped make it possible for me to move on cleanly and to get a jump on a starting fresh. You made the whole process as easy as possible.”

San Francisco Attorney

Quick Short Sale Approval Frees Up Financial Burden

When a local contractor lost his job and was unable to make mortgage payments, his 2 condos in “Beacon” were placed in foreclosure by the lender. Complicating matters, a move to the East Coast was necessitated by the need to care for his ill father. He needed help and was referred to Real Estate Asset Protection. He found that short sales were his best course of action.

After successfully managing the short sale transaction of one property, we were engaged to orchestrate the short sale of the second property—which was approved in less than 30 days. With his stress eliminated, he was able to care for his ill father.

Short Sale Expertise Saves Educator’s Finances

Foreclosure seemed imminent for a Bay Area educator in dire financial straits due to a flawed business partnership. No realtor was able to help the homeowner or provide advice—until Real Estate Asset Protection. We successfully negotiated her short sale, enabling her to save her financial situation and retain the home she loved.

“I have never met a realtor as competent, compassionate, dependable and committed as Ildiko Pali. Whereas so many realtors are simply not there when it comes to complications or challenging paperwork, Ildiko shines in such domains. What I particularly admire is her ability to fight on behalf of her clients in the most gracious fashion.”

San Francisco Educator

San Bruno Couple Confident Every Step of the Short Sale

“When the housing market crashed and our first home was sinking deeper underwater everyday, we felt we had nowhere to go. Thankfully we found Ildiko, whose short sales experience was much more than any other realtor we could find. She helped us feel confident we were taking the right steps throughout the process. Her team was patient and persistent throughout the entire sale and negotiations with our lenders, continually ensuring our paperwork was getting their full and urgent attention.”

Couple in San Bruno

Favorable Short Sale Positions Family for New Home Purchase

A young Berkeley family was thrown into financial hardship when the husband lost his job and was unemployed for 20 months. The family attempted loan modifications for 2 years, but was denied by the lender. As their representative, Real Estate Asset Protection was able to successfully negotiate terms with the lender, including the difficult tasks of releasing a lien and waiving the deficiency. We managed their favorable successful short sale in 2009.

“Very few realtors can practice the patient urgency required in a challenging short sale. Ildiko worked relentlessly with the bank to ensure we did not face any unexpected obstacles, and the small ones that surfaced, she managed strategically. This of course is all due to her depth of experience in conducting these transactions.

“Ildiko also worked well with our buyer, providing the support an anxious buyer needs during this process. This ensured that all parties practiced patience because we knew the challenges were being effectively managed and resolved.

“We closed in a 4-month period, settling favorably. Now, only 18 months later, with some economic recovery and a favorable outcome, we are in a position to purchase again.”

Rosanna, mother of 2 in Oakland

I am writing this email on behalf of Ildiko Pali, our realtor who efficiently and effectively facilitated the short sale of our home in 2010. We were referred to Ildiko by a friend in the fall of summer 2010 since we had decided that a short sale was in the best interest of our family’s future. She was highly recommended by a former colleague and also received outstanding reviews on the Berkeley Parents’ Network. In our experience in working through this process, lldiko surpassed all of our expectations and exceeded the performance levels the recommendations articulated.

The short sale process requires patience, strategy and support from a realtor who knows how to navigate the complexities of the mortgage and real estate world. Very few realtors I know can practice this patient urgency that is required when you are handling the challenges of this type of sale. Ildiko was extraordinary! She oriented us towards the process, found an ideal buyer, created a collaborative partnership with us throughout the tedious process, and most importantly, assured us that the results of the transaction would work out favorably for our family. Her professionalism and high standard for serving clients was unwavering as we responded to the requests of the bank on our loans. She navigated the system for us while keeping us informed, but also protecting us from the stress the short sale process can induce. We closed in a four month period, settling favorably. She worked relentlessly with the bank to ensure that we did not face any unexpected obstacles, and the couple small ones that surfaced, she managed strategically. This of course is all due to her depth of experience in conducting these type of transactions. She worked well with our buyer while also providing the same time of support an anxious buyer needs during this process. This ensured that all parties practiced patience because we knew the challenges were being effectively managed and resolved.

Because of the favorable outcomes Ildiko was able to attain, we are actually in the market to purchase again given the economic recovery we have been able to attain since the short sale only 18 months later. Our experience was so positive that we were certain she would be the ideal candidate to find us our next home, ensuring that we make the right investment in order to reap the benefits in the near future. Her positive energy and professional attitude cannot be beat! Thank You,


May 26, 2009
Dear Ildiko,

I continue to enjoy our little cottage. It is such a wonderful space with light coming from all around. It is so quiet being off the street and we are in the middle of everyone else’s garden. We made it a bit bigger by crating an unwarranted loft in the attic which is a great space. Carol and I have our bedroom upstairs and the kids have the whole first level to themselves. Three stories in a home fewer than 1,000 square feet makes the place feel much bigger. Maia, my just-turned 13-year=old=daughter has a best friend next door who goes to her school. We have cut a little door form the fence and she can go next door without ever having to go out on the street. We just had a slumber party of eleven 13-year-old girls to celebrate Maia’s birthday. Our little space handled it well.

I have you to thank for getting me into this wonderful space.

When it comes time to sell, I will be calling you to be my agent.

Thank you!


May 22, 2009
Dear Ildiko,

I would like to take this opportunity to say that you turned an almost insurmountable task into a bearable one. Your knowledge, experience, and friendly professionalism guided me through one of the most difficult times in my life. The mere fact that I could reach you any time with questions and problems I was facing was a great source of support and comfort.

Thank you for helping me through the process of selling my property. You made it happen!


Eleanor Torres

July 2005
Dear Ildiko and Michelle,

I wanted to personally thank you for your remarkable achievement of making the sell and purchase of the two properties. I have dealt with other realtors and you two had the tenacity to stay with us and help clear any cloudiness. It takes more than experience to do what you did. Words to describe you both: tenacity, willingness, caring, assertiveness.

The gifts were wonderful and the massages will be put to full use. Everytime I see the door knocker key chain and salt shakers I will think of you and Michelle. Much appreciation

Jim & Karen

Dear Ildiko & Michelle,

Wishing you and yours a bright and merry holiday and all the best for 2005! Thank you both for all that you did, especially you Ildiko, for holding the vision that this would happen and helping to make this possibility a reality. I am now resting and recovering after nine months of hard labor! Sita and I are happy in our new home that we own for real now, thanks to you. It’s been a long journey but I’m here celebrating Christmas for the first time in the home I own, so I’m thinking of you and sending you gratitude and appreciation for all of your help along the path that lead here!

Please give Victor and his family my regards and best wishes also for a happy holiday and New Year in 2005. Thank you again! Love,

Kimberly Call


I wanted to first of all apologize for the issue regarding rates being pushed on you so last minute. You’re such a great realtor. I told Wendy I would not want anyone else but you to represent my client. You work for them! Wow! I respect you and I appreciate you! It was great to work with you!

Bill Delmonico


I apologize for such a belated thank you. This was due such a long time ago. Thank you for your time, patience, devotion and understanding during our journey towards finding this home! We adore it… it’s the perfect little place for us. Your gift was lovely–most it consumed already. Hope you are well! Best wishes,


Dear Ildiko & Michelle,

Thank you for all of your help over the last several months. It’s been relaxing to work with you and there’s been no stress at all! I’m told this is rare when buying and selling a home! Thank you for my gardening certificate, home warranty plan, and a wonderful dinner! Best Regards,


To Whom It May Concern:

I am delighted to write this letter of support on behalf of Ildiko Pali. I have never met a realtor as competent, compassionate, dependable, and committed as Ildiko. Not only is she extremely competent, it is also a great pleasure to interact with her even over the most tedious of real estate “nuts and bolts.” Ildiko knows how to take care of all the legal and administrative details involved. What I particularly admire is her ability to fight on behalf of her clients in the most gracious fashion. She can pride herself in having introduced her own style of conflict resolution and mediation, beyond Gabor!

I consider myself most fortunate to have been introduced to Ildiko at a moment in time when foreclosure seemed imminent and my financial future doomed because of an unfortunate liaison with a business partner who proved to be a fraudulent con man. As a result of this miserable liaison I owed the bank far beyond my financial capacities. At a point in time where no other realtor had been able to help me, or even give any constructive advice, Ildiko was able to negotiate a Short Sale, allowing me to save my financial future and to hold on to the house that I so dearly love.

I am so please to have met Ildiko that I could actually imagine getting involved again in some type of real estate transaction. Whereas so many other realtors are simply not there when it comes to complications or more challenging paperwork to be completed, Ildiko shines in such domains. I can’t think of anyone who I could possible recommend more.


Adriana L. Schuler, Ph.D.

My name is Jose Luis Tello and I want to thank Miss Ildiko Pali for her excellent service as a short sale provider. She is a wonderful person who has a lot of experience and thanks to her assistance; I was able to sell my house in a short period of time last year. Since the first day I met Miss Ildiko Pali, she was friendly and very helpful.

Thanks to her experience she was able to do a short sale process very quickly and efficiently.

Jose Luis Tello

January 23, 2003
Dear Ms. Pali,

In regards to the sale of my home in July 2002, I would like to express my deepest thanks to you for your hard work and great effort in the sale of my home in just three days. You were a God sent to me.

Thank you for the proper services in handling all of my paper work along with the move to Georgia, where I am now living in an even better place.

Ildiko Pali: hats off to you. You are number one in my book for services. Thank you, thank you!

Delisa Delaforieititi

June 29, 2002
Dear Ildiko Pali,

Thank you so much for your on-going assistance and guidance. In fact, I took your advice and had a professional clean and stage my home for sale. It was competitively priced and showed very well. Unfortunately, no one put in a bid–after all that–and to make matter more interesting no one came to bid at the public sale held by the bank in foreclosure. This was something completely unexplainable, but true.

Your letter of June 7th arrived after the sale to the bank. But you and I had gone through all the options and we agreed that the decisions I made were the best ones. I just didn’t expect exactly this outcome. Many thanks and I have a deep appreciation for your assistance.

Very truly yours,


September 28, 2001

Thank you so much for all of your help the past few months in getting Karl and me out of renter status!

It was great to have dinner with you the other night (thanks for that delicious food as well!). We appreciate you!