Best Buys

“Everyone is looking for the Best Buy, but few find it alone!”

We find Best Buys for Smart Buyers!

Everybody is looking for a good buy in real estate. To assist you, we publish the best real estate buys throughout the Bay Area in our monthly Best Buy Bulletin. Whether you are a real estate investor, a first time buyer with a limited budget, or even a buyer to whom money is no object, you will find a property that meets your criteria.

The properties we find include:

  • Multi-Units with Good – or Potentially Good – Rental Income
  • Fixers of all types
  • Single Family Homes with potential
  • Condo Units with appreciation or rental potential
  • Development projects
  • Pre-foreclosures
  • REO properties
  • Probates

We also host an Investor’s round-table,and the Best Buy Tours of S.F. and Sonoma where we analyze the profit potential of specific investment properties that fit your individual investment criteria.

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